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About Kyoya

Name: Ootori Kyoya/Ohtori Kyouya (depending on the anime or manga)
Age: 17 years old
Birthday: November 22nd
Height: 5'10" (manga) or 5'11" (anime)
Blood Type: AB
Kyoya is the vice president and co-founding member of the Ouran High School Host Club. The idea came from Suou Tamaki, who then approached his friend and confidant Kyoya about the idea. Kyoya has been called a "hypotensive Evil Lord," by members of the group, mostly attributed to his AB blood type. He is a shrewd businessman who has an eye for making financial profit from various opportunities. It's thanks to him that the Host Club stays afloat. He is frequently seen writing in his journal and book keeping. His family owns a pharmasutical company and they have a private police force. He is the third son and fourth child. He absolutely hates being disturbed when he's trying to sleep.

About Ouran

Ouran High School Host Club (or Ouran Koukou Hosuto Kurabu [a translation of the Japanese title]) is a animanga that was developed by publishing company Bisco Hatori. It is a drama/romantic comedy that follows Fujioka Haruhi through Ouran Academy, a prestigeous high school for the rich and sometimes even famous. Through some rather amusing events, Haruhi (first mistaken as a boy) is forced to join the Host Club to pay back a vase she broke.
It's very difficult to be Kyoya-senpai...
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