Welcome to, the new home of fanlistings and websites previously hosted at Mini-Orenji.Org and even some from Sins-Committed.Org. This website has been several months in the making. Due to a waining interest in fanlistings, I'm only hosting my nearest and dearest ones here. All others have been lost, adopted out or closed. I may still have member lists, so please feel free to ask via the contact page. This version is 1.0 featuring textures from German graphic site Shizoo. Please see the "site" section for a complete list of websites that make this one function.
Thanks and enjoy your stay!

Statistics hosts 23 of websites. The fanlistings proudly list 4164 fans with 4 pending members.
We have a modest growth rate of 0.56 fans per day.

My newest fanlisting is Through the Lens: the Fatal Frame (Project Zero/Rei) series fanlisting.
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